In Memorium


Clubs have submitted the names of the following Kiwanians from the District who have died as a memorial to them and their Kiwanis service.

Clubs can submit names at any time to be added to the list. Please give the person's name, their date of death, number of years in Kiwanis and the highest office held.

Club Name Years in Kiwanis Highest Office Held Date of Death
Randolph Harry Hansen     November 30, 2016
Long Beach Island Babe Poggi     November 29, 2016
New Brunswick Irving Verosloff 42   October 22, 2016
Keyport Judith Poling     February 8, 2015
Leisure Village Gertrude Levine   Club President March 7, 2017
Holmdel James Allocco     March 14, 2017
Morristown Don Malehorn     March 16, 2017
Caldwell West Essex Mary Johnson 29 Club President February 4, 2017